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new update about GOLFMIKE a famous duo idol in Thailand,all update in ENG and TH

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{Golf-Update}Behind the scene:Music Video Take me to ur bed
golfmike, golf
I'm writing this entry during reading a book for my final test hehe^^ just wan some rest @_@
Today update is behind the scene pictures of Music Video 'Take me to ur bed'
Sorry for late update ^^' 

all pics that i posted in this entry was posted around Facebook by Closergolfmike about 2 days ago but i sill want to post the pics in this blog for some fans or people who interested about Golf and his new music video.

Credit ;; Closergolfmike


next thing i want to do is to let everybody knows more about Golf & Mike. i know that a lot of people who have LJ account or people who always read LJ account don't know about who is Golf and who is Mike.
so i want to introduce them. i'll post the entry about that after i'm sure about all of information are right and enough to make you know a lot about them :)
Please wait and keep reading my blog!
thank you so much for reading though my English is so bad :( hahaha


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