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Golf's Official Music Video released!
golfmike, golf
First,i'm so sorry for gone so long and no update in this blog.
i had to do a lot of homework and project at my school and it's almost final test now so i have to start reading books but i just want to write the new entry before doing that :P

As almost everybody knows that Golf's Official Music Video of 'Takr me to ur bed' was released on Feb 14.
The MV is so cool with Dance Part and Story Part. we all know that Golf is good at dancing and also singing but in this song i think he didn't show his ability of singing so much in this song.

I really don't like the part that Golf with that girl on the bed. it's too sexy.
but the other part is still good.
i don't know all foreigner fans of Golf like this song pr not but i want to tell you to open your mind and listen some new sound that Golf used in this song and wanted to make a song that  has Different sound.

if you like the music video please rate it and posting your opinion about the song and music video i really want Golf to know feedback and try to make his next songs better that this :)

this entry really short because it's almost 2 AM. in Thailand right now so i'm soooooooo sleepy!
thanks for reading and if you don't mind,please comment your opinion in the youtube link of Music Video or posting inthis entry.
thanks so much!!

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