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Gilf 1st Single available now!
golfmike, golf
Golf 1st Single already released!! I'm so excited for thissssssss x))
It was around 08.30-09.00 PM. of 31 January that i heard this song!
i was waiting so long to listen his interview and the new song on Seed Radio :)

Maybe you guys are already know the name of song is 'Take me to ur bed'
and Golf tried so hard for making this song (He is the producer of this song)

If you want to listen the song >>

It's have new sound  because Golf want to make it different and have new sound for Thai-POP.

Hope you guys like it !! If you like the song, please support him! Golf Pichayaaaa xDDD

About the Mv of 'Take me to ur bed' will out on 14 February (Valentine's Day! <3)

If you're a foreigner fan of him,you can't download the Official Digital Download of the song (except you have Thai Mobile Phone ) so please tell your friends about the song and tell them to support him by buy the official copies of Golf-Mike and waiting to buy his solo album,If they like the song.

Thank you for all your support for Golf and Mike :)
Please Take Golf to you heart <3

it's almost 1 PM. in Thailand and i have to go to school tmr.
So  Gnite everybody!


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