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{Golf-Update}Behind the scene:Music Video Take me to ur bed
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I'm writing this entry during reading a book for my final test hehe^^ just wan some rest @_@
Today update is behind the scene pictures of Music Video 'Take me to ur bed'
Sorry for late update ^^' 

all pics that i posted in this entry was posted around Facebook by Closergolfmike about 2 days ago but i sill want to post the pics in this blog for some fans or people who interested about Golf and his new music video.

Credit ;; Closergolfmike


next thing i want to do is to let everybody knows more about Golf & Mike. i know that a lot of people who have LJ account or people who always read LJ account don't know about who is Golf and who is Mike.
so i want to introduce them. i'll post the entry about that after i'm sure about all of information are right and enough to make you know a lot about them :)
Please wait and keep reading my blog!
thank you so much for reading though my English is so bad :( hahaha

Golf's Official Music Video released!
golfmike, golf
First,i'm so sorry for gone so long and no update in this blog.
i had to do a lot of homework and project at my school and it's almost final test now so i have to start reading books but i just want to write the new entry before doing that :P

As almost everybody knows that Golf's Official Music Video of 'Takr me to ur bed' was released on Feb 14.
The MV is so cool with Dance Part and Story Part. we all know that Golf is good at dancing and also singing but in this song i think he didn't show his ability of singing so much in this song.

I really don't like the part that Golf with that girl on the bed. it's too sexy.
but the other part is still good.
i don't know all foreigner fans of Golf like this song pr not but i want to tell you to open your mind and listen some new sound that Golf used in this song and wanted to make a song that  has Different sound.

if you like the music video please rate it and posting your opinion about the song and music video i really want Golf to know feedback and try to make his next songs better that this :)

this entry really short because it's almost 2 AM. in Thailand right now so i'm soooooooo sleepy!
thanks for reading and if you don't mind,please comment your opinion in the youtube link of Music Video or posting inthis entry.
thanks so much!!

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Gilf 1st Single available now!
golfmike, golf
Golf 1st Single already released!! I'm so excited for thissssssss x))
It was around 08.30-09.00 PM. of 31 January that i heard this song!
i was waiting so long to listen his interview and the new song on Seed Radio :)

Maybe you guys are already know the name of song is 'Take me to ur bed'
and Golf tried so hard for making this song (He is the producer of this song)

If you want to listen the song >>

It's have new sound  because Golf want to make it different and have new sound for Thai-POP.

Hope you guys like it !! If you like the song, please support him! Golf Pichayaaaa xDDD

About the Mv of 'Take me to ur bed' will out on 14 February (Valentine's Day! <3)

If you're a foreigner fan of him,you can't download the Official Digital Download of the song (except you have Thai Mobile Phone ) so please tell your friends about the song and tell them to support him by buy the official copies of Golf-Mike and waiting to buy his solo album,If they like the song.

Thank you for all your support for Golf and Mike :)
Please Take Golf to you heart <3

it's almost 1 PM. in Thailand and i have to go to school tmr.
So  Gnite everybody!

New Update;01.29.11
golfmike, golf

Update all the lastest released things   01.29.11

-        The lastest concert of Golf-Mike : “The Closer GolfMike by puriku National Tour Concert” VCD Available now! For more information and buy a copy >>  *Please support official release!!*

-        The lastest show of Mike-Pirath : “Pond's Tarm Ha Ruk Tae Superstar Variety Show”    VCD Available now! For more information and buy a copy >>  *Please support official release!!*

-        “Lips Magazine” Golf-Mike-Aum on the cover!! Available now


New update  01.29.11

-        Golf’s First Single name is ‘Take me to ur bed’.

      Song out on 1st of Febuary 2011 and Music Video on 14th Febuary 2011.

      Keep waiting and support him!


     -  Golf Promote New Single
** 31 Jan 2011 ; 08.00-09.00 pm. seed nationwide >>

-        Golf’s Schedule on 1st Febuary 2011 for promoting his first single.



  If you’re not live in Thailand,you can listen Golf’s interviews and His new single ‘Take me to ur bed’ online at  ::



      **09.00 am. vergin radio >>
11.00 am. pynk radio >>
      **02.00 pm. Efm Station >>
      **05.00 pm. HOT91.5 >>
**08.00 pm. seed nationwide >>


(** Thai Time)


Credit ; Closergolfmike @ facebook


-        Trending Twitter For Mike Angelo Project!

     project of Golf-Mike fanclub that we'll trending tweet (in " #Mike1stsolo " in 5 feb 2011 at 7pm-9pm(Thai time)

     For more information or have some question about this project You can ask >>!/event.php?eid=192315097450984

Credit ; Gbaby2p Club by I am a pink witch(แม่มดเจ้าเสน่ห์เจ้าค่ะ)


New Pic

Mike is ready for In Magazine Event!!

Credit ; IN Magazine &

New Event


The First Event of GOLF & MIKE for this year.


The event is about to celebrate 7 Anniversary of In Magazine.

12 Febuary 2011  // Start  1.00 PM. @ Park Paragon,Bangkok Thailand

Welcome all !
golfmike, golf
This blog made by a little Thai fan of GolfMike. i'm Mild :)
nice to meet you all!
I don't really know that this blog will have so much people interesting or just a little.
I just want to promote them and help all foreigner fans of GolfMike can read about interviews,new update that I'll translation to English (and some Thai part)
I'm not good at English but I hope you guys will understand it ^^'
If you can't understand anything on this blog,please ask :)

It is not just new update at all.
This blog have some old interviews that i want to trans.
you can request me,if you have something you want me to trans. i'll try my best with it.

sorry for my bad English.

Some little update;
I think you guys know that already , Golf and Mike will release their solo album this year.
Golf will release the first single of his album on 1st of Febuary 2011.
For Mike is still not announce anything.
Please support them!


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